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Proofreading and Copy Editing:


*Excellent rates for students   *Fast turnaround


                                   *Free trial


The proofreading process involves two to three close readings of your text, during which I make corrections to grammar and spelling using the 'Track Changes' function on Microsoft Word. This is a very useful function, because it allows you to see exactly what I have done.

I note less clear-cut decisions  in the form of suggestions in the margins, using the 'Comments' function.  This might be where a sentence or phrase is not straightforwardly wrong, but could nevertheless be improved. Here I provide suggested alternative wording for you to accept or reject.

For those who prefer traditional methods, I can examine hard copy, using standard proofreading symbols.

I always meet deadlines and my turnaround is speedy. For short essays and documents, the work will usually be completed within 24 hours. For more substantial tasks, such as manuscripts, dissertations or theses, advance scheduling will ensure your work receives my best attention.  Please let me know your deadline at the start. 

FREE TRIAL – I understand how important it is to have confidence in your proofreader/copy editor. This is not a decision you are taking lightly and I encourage you to send a few sample pages to help in your decision. I have had a 100% success rate with my trial process thus far, and therefore offer it to you with confidence.

For details of my qualifications and experience see the "About" page of this website. 

EMAIL ADDRESS:  margaret@wordwinnower.com


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Fees and Payment 

Special Student rates:

Short texts of 1000 - 3000 words         $15 US per 1000 words


Longer works of 3000 words plus        $10 US per 1000 words


Many proofreaders and editors charge an hourly rate, since editing projects can be very time consuming. I consider it more important that clients know where they stand at the beginning of the project. 

Standard rates:

Proofreading and copy editing:  £7 - £10 per 1000 words, depending on the level of assistance required and the length of the text. I offer a  negotiable discount for large or repeat projects.


Payment within seven days of satisfactory receipt of the finished work is desirable, unless we make an alternative arrangement beforehand. Payment options are PayPal, cheque (UK only) or bank transfer.