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     Academic proofreading and copy editing

   winnow verb: 1 to separate chaff from grain by blowing a current of air through it, 2 to sift, 3 to identify

   and reject what is unwanted from a group

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I   Jean-Francois Millet - The Winnower





  • Specialist proofreading in theology, religious studies and related disciplines
  • Fast turnaround with excellent rates for students
  • Experience in a variety of citation styles - including Chicago/Turabian, SBL and APA
  • Free trial

For information about my qualifications and experience, see "About" page.   For  practical matters and rates, see "Proofreading" page.




Helping clients produce written work of a very high standard is, for me, more a vocation than a job. I take a great deal of pleasure and pride in my work,  and this is reflected in the unstinting effort I invest in my clients' projects.

Based in New Zealand, I offer a service that transcends geographical boundaries. I have clients in the United States, Canada and Hong Kong, as well as in the UK.


For further details or a quote, please contact me by email in the first instance. My email address is margaret@wordwinnower.com.




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